Technology Spotlight

CESI has been representing world class manufacturers of HVAC equipment for 75 years.  We’re pleased to announce the addition of two new productlines to our portfolio of  technology offerings, Plasticair Fan Company and Skyplume Technologies.

Technology highlights include:
Plasticair Fan Company    (a division of Plasticair Inc.)

·        AMCA Certified FRP Fans up to 110,000 CFM in Mixed Flow, SWSI and Axial Flow configurations

·        Perchloric Acid Exhaust Systems with no moving parts in the airstream.

·        Scrubber Fume Hoods for Heavy Acid and Perchloric Acid usage. Efficiencies up to 99% removal.

·        High Efficiency Wet Scrubbers and Mist Eliminators. Efficiencies up to 99.99% removal.


SKYPLUME Technologies.   (a division of Plasticair Inc.)

·        FRP and Steel Coated Induced flow fans with high outlet momentum flux rates

·        High Plume Multi Fan Systems with standard and custom configurations

·        Corrosion Proof High End Energy Recovery Inlet Plenums with standard and custom options

·        Induction Stack and Silencer Packages