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Alpha Aire DX-DOAS*

Simple quick installation for challenging or existing retrofit applications.

United Cool Air's Newest
All-Indoor Solution

Indoor air quality can be adversely affected by many factors. Indoor pollutants can lead to a variety of health risks, especially for those already susceptible to such factors. Studies show that introducing conditioned outside air can lead to better health and performance of occupants in a variety of settings. ASHRAE 62.1-2016 requires minimum OSA per code. Alpha Aire is the first choice in introducing fresh air into buildings for a simple and quick installation for challenging or existing retrofit applications

United CoolAir uses high-density 2" thermal/acoustic insulation Solid Double Wall along with low airflow to greatly reduce noise for near occupant operation. Critical components are isolated out of the air stream for longer life, and thermal breaks prevent unwanted condensate formation. Single point electrical power and 8" flex duct make for a low cost installation. The sheet metal is G90 galvanized steel with optional wet paint finish for durability and long life.

The All-Indoor Concept—A United CoolAir Exclusive

The Alpha Aire like all UCA air conditioning equipment is designed for indoor installation! Air handlers and condensers require no exterior mounting space, which is critical in multi-floor, urban applications. Indoor unit mounting preserves the architectural integrity of the building by keeping the roof and perimeter free of obstructions. In addition to eliminating the roof loads, the installation and maintenance costs is lower, the equipment is protected from the elements and security is enhanced because of limited outdoor access.

Case Study: Ohoopee Match Club


Ohoopee Match Club was looking for a solution for fresh air for their lodge to achieve a number of things with their new HVAC system. They needed bathroom exhaust, fresh air for guest lodging, positive pressurization of the lodge and effective de-humidification during both occupied and unoccupied times. The units also needed to be energy efficient as well as an all indoor DOAS system with a small footprint.


United CoolAir was able to provide them with efficient units with dual energy recovery that provided effective dehumidification for the lodge. Choosing the Alpha Aire unit provided them with a compact footprint, allowing them to install a unit that had half the footprint than any other DOAS system and did not require an outdoor condensing unit.

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