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Custom Chillers

Geothermal Systems


Modular AHUs


Offsite Build Solutions

A pre-designed and pre-fabricated solutions by EAS can include chillers, boilers, generators, cooling towers, electrical, controls and ancillary equipment. EAS Central Utility Plants are manufactured off site within a controlled environment where lead-times, quality construction and best practices are maintained and where personnel and weather related challenges are manageable.

  • Central Utility Plants
  • Data Centers
  • Penthouses
  • Air Handling Units
  • Super Skids
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Custom Chillers

Smardt oil-free centrifugal chillers offer the highest IPLV energy efficiencies and the lowest lifetime operating costs in their capacity ranges – 60 TR through 2500 TR in water-cooled, 60 TR through 450 TR in air-cooled and 60 TR through 300 TR in evaporative-cooled

Technical Systems custom-made chillers are available using air-cooled, water-cooled and evaporative-cooled technology with capacities up to 400 tons. Technical Systems can even include a hydronics package providing you with a complete “plug and play” system.

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Geothermal Systems

Enertech’s concentration on continuous improvement and quality control has made reliability one of GeoComfort’s greatest assets. Each unit coming off of the assembly line visits a state-of-the-art test station. Testing includes a computerized run test station, featuring helium leak detection and waterside decay inspection. In fact, testing on GeoComfort equipment is among the most robust in the industry.

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Modular AHUs

Klimor EVO line has been developed particularly for the US market including a series of modular air handling units for air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling, low pressure and high pressure systems. Materials and components used in Klimor’s air handling units have been selected to last long and deliver high quality of AHU construction. There are 18 sizes of Klimor EVO units available with the air flow (CFM) range 680÷20 500

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Self-Contained Vertical Air Conditioning Systems


The VertiCool Classic vertical cabinet construction fits neatly along walls or in closet spaces, venting condenser air easily to and from an outside wall or window. VertiCool Classic units are ideal for renovation and replacement projects, including tenant fit-out or adding area spot cooling. The unit is designed to fit through a standard doorway without any building modifications. 8–30 Tons, Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled, Water Source Heat Pump, Chilled Water

100% Outside Air Units

The OmegaAir is designed to exclusively handle the large latent ventilation load and deliver “neutral” air of 70ºF to 72ºF @ 50% RH. OmegaAir’s supply air dew point design temperature is lower than standard air conditioners to remove the maximum amount of moisture before delivery to the space. 150-3000 CFM Horizontal or Vertical Water Cooled Packages, Air-Cooled with Remote Condense